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Diet Instructions for Patients after Laparoscopic Bariatric Procedure

Day one after Surgery / Tea & Water

1.Drink slowly in small sips (30 ml)

2.Wait in between the sips for a minute or two

3.Do not drink more than 50 ml at once

4.Nothing but tea with or without sugar, or still mineral water

5.Wait in between the sips for at least 10 minutes

6.Your total fluid intake should not be less than 2.0-2.5 liters/24 hours

7.Your liquid diet commences within one day after the operation, when cleared start drinking fluids you can begin by slowly sipping 30 ml of clear fluids every 15 minutes).

Day 2 to Day 13 / Liquid Nourishment

1.The second day after operation diet advance to full fluids and the amount will increase gradually by 50 ml every 15 minutes and continue for another 2 weeks, to reduce the risk of stretching the newly formed pouch. You should sip slowly after about 4 days you should sip only 120 ml of fluid every 20-30 minutes and at the end of 2 weeks you should be able to drink 240 ml of fluids.

2.Drink slowly in small sips

3.Wait in between the sips for a minute or two

4.Do not drink more than 120 ml at once

5.You may now drink various fruit and vegetable juices (orange, tomato, and carrot), protein drinks, skimmed milk and clear soups (cream soups must be put through a very fine sieve first)

6.As well as, coffee and coffee with milk.

7.Low fat yogurt (plain no fruit pieces)

8.Low fat milk or Laban. 9.Herbal or green tea
Day 14 to Day 20 / Pureed Food
For the 3rd week after the operation this puree should be taken in small portion, during this time patient should not drink and eat during the meal to prevent stretching the pouch and avoid vomiting.

1.Drink slowly in small sips

2.Wait in between the sips for a minute or two

3.Do not drink more than 200 ml at once

4.Eat slowly a chew well, eat in small spoonfuls

5.Concentrate on you meal, do not do anything else while eating

6.Now you can start with pureed vegetables, pureed meat and mashed potato (all prepared in blender)

7.Avoid stringy or fibrous vegetables & fruit causing flatulence

8.Veal, boiled chicken are easier to blend than beef or venison, which contains more fiber

9.Drink about 15 to 20 minutes before eating and wait for about an hour after eating before you drink again. You will feel fuller if you eat your food "dry".

10.Thick mixed vegetable soup

11.Low fat yogurts

12.Fruit puree

13.Low fat milk

14.Low fat laban

15.Mashed potato
Food Restriction
Certain foods are nor easy tolerated and should be avoided unless it can broken down into easy digestible forms, some food are generally too large to pass and may cause obstruction, vomiting and fluid depletion.

The majority of patient will also find difficult if not impossible to eat whole chunks of meat although ground beef generally tolerated if chewed well.
Sticky Food
Coconut, chips, popcorn, soft bread, corn flakes, dry rice.
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